Shop by Brand

"Shop by Brand" plugin makes shopping easier by providing brands section on the specified zone.


This plugin provides the brands' section whenever you want at the public store using several widget zones. You can specify widget zones and brand section's title from the plugin configuration.


1. You can render the Brands section whenever you want using widget zones which are provided.
2. Brands page will be displayed by clicking on "All Brands" link at the public store.
3. Multiple widget zones to render brand section.
4. You can customize the title for your brand section.
5. The brand list will be display based on your default display order of manufacturer.


1. Download the plugin archive.
2. Unzip the archive and drop the selected version folder into "\Plugins" directory on your server
3. Reload plugins from admin panel.
4. Install and enable "Shop by Brand" plugin.
5. Configure plugin as per your needs regarding brands section.

Supported Version:
Single store: 4.1, 4.2
Multi store: Currently Not Available (you can contact us for it)

Picture of Shop by Brand - Single Store
Shop by Brand - Single Store
Picture of Shop by Brand - Multi Store
Shop by Brand - Multi Store
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